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    Bahia Palace

    Historic site in Marrakech

    The Bahia Palace (قصر الباهية in Arabic , ⵜⴰⴳⴰⴷⵉⵔⵜ ⵏ И ⴱⴰⵀⵢⴰ in Berber , Bahiya, beautiful, brilliant ) is a former palace of the xix th century eight hectares of Moorish / Islamic , to Marrakech in Morocco .

    Currently a museum , it is one of the masterpieces of Moroccan architecture and Islamic art , one of the major monuments of the country 's cultural heritage , and one of the main places of worship.tourism in Morocco


    If Vizier Moussa

    Between 1866 and 1867 If Moussa (or Sī Mūsā), powerful and wealthy Grand Vizier of Sultan Hassan I of Morocco (1836-1894) built the northern part of this vast palace of 8000 m², in the form of a vast riad (the largest, most imposing, and the most sumptuous palace of Morocco of its time) in the south-east of the medina of Marrakech ( historical center ) near the Jemaa el-Fna square , Menara garden , gardens of Agdal , El Badi Palace , and Royal Palace of Marrakech ..., by the architect Moroccan Mohammed al-Makki.

    Vizier Ba Ahmed

    Ahmed ben Moussa ( 1841 - 1900 , successor son of Si Mussa as Grand Vizier) reign over Morocco from 1894 to its demise in 1900 , as regent of the young Sultan Abd al-Aziz of Morocco (1878-1943) . During his reign, Ahmed ben Moussa had the southern part of this official palace expanded, where he resided with his four official wives, his harem of 24 concubines, and their many children. The palace is named after its favorite mistress, the Bāhiya " the beautiful, the brilliant ".

    Built, decorated, and equipped by the best know-how of the best craftsmen of the country of the time, with successions of many courses, 50x30 m honor courts, apartments, lounges, rooms, entangled in labyrinth , with mosque , Koranic school , harem , hammam , stables , Islamic garden , Andalusian-Hispano-Moorish gardens , and fountains , near the "Gardens of the Bahia Palace" with huge vegetable garden and orchard of olive trees , palm trees , datiers ,pomegranates , grapefruits , lemon trees , and orange trees ...

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